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Product groups

  • acidulants, shelf-life regulators, inorganic salts
  • starches, maltodextrins, dried glucose syrup, polydextrose, fibers
  • preservations, antioxidants and humectants
  • flavours and colours
  • hydrocolloids, emulsifiers
  • cultures (probiotics), yeast, enzymes
  • oils and fats, finished products
  • nutraceuticals
  • sweeteners
  • vitamins, amino acids and peptides, minerals
  • plant proteins and texturates
  • phosphates, stabilizers and melting salts
  • animal and dairy ingredients
  • food solutions for texturising, taste and fortification

Market segments

  • bakery and bread
  • chocolate and confectionery
  • dairy and ice cream
  • convenience food, ready meals, soups and sauces
  • meat, poultry and fish
  • fruit and vegetable processing
  • plant-based products
  • functional food, food supplements, dietetic foods
  • beverages

Our food ingredients journey

Highlighting our key services: single ingredients, Innovation & Application Centers and food solutions:

Innovation & Application Centers

Our broad network of 32 Food & Nutrition Innovation & Application Centers worldwide enables us to act locally while being globally connected:



  • two largest in Vietnam and Thailand
  • strong dairy focus with two UHT pilots
  • two new in China through Zhongbai, where we jointly invested with supplier Arla


  • main sites in Allentown and Colombia 


  • two largest in Padua, Italy, and Zgierz, Poland
  • new facilities in Johannesburg, South Africa and Nantes, France
  • expanded Application Center in Istanbul, Turkey

Blending facilities

With our eleven Food & Nutrition blending facilities, we can offer value-added services tailored to customer needs on a global scale:

Fortification, Texturizing, Stabilizing

Texturizing and Stabilizing

North America
Texturizing and stabilizing

Latin America
Texturizing, stabilizing, taste and color

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